Preemptive Maintenance

SVF offers a variety of maintenance agreements that range from standard to customized plans, which are tailor-made to fit the needs of your business. We specialize in offering comprehensive maintenance solutions intended to maximize the performance of your equipment, and at the same minimize your operation costs. Our technical service personnel are prepared to offer you regular maintenance for your equipment at any geographic location.

All maintenance agreements are designed to help keep your equipment in excellent working conditions, as it allows you to focus on your real business. Depending on the case, they count on:

  • Execution of programmed services according to a hours-worked regime or by periods of time (Annual • Semi-Annual •  Quarterly • Monthly)
  • Possibility of signing agreements for one or several units.
  • Possibility of including the performing of services during weekends, in order to diminish downtime.
  • Benefit of getting a 10% discount in repairs for clients with maintenance agreements.
  • Benefit of getting priority attention in case of unexpected events.
  • Benefit of getting counseling and technical support by qualified personnel.
  • Benefit of counting with the support of a stock of parts.
  • Benefit of getting a History of services performed on your equipment.

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