MTU is one of the main manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems in the world. Along with MTU Onsite Energy, MTU is one of Tognum’s leading brands.

Its range of products is the widest and most modern in the industry. It ranges from diesel engines to complete propulsion systems for ships, heavy agriculture, trains, and military vehicles, as well as for the oil and gas industry.

In its 100-year history, Tognum MTU Friedrichshafen´s branch and its predecessors, including Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH in particular, have been responsible for reiterated innovation, and have been continually on the cutting edge of technological progress.

 Units with a wide range of performance and applications.

 Available in numerous cylinder configurations, the engines series take the MTU brand to cover a wide variety of applications, from 20 to 9,000 kW, and so are capable of supplying energy to many vehicles and systems of aggregates.

For commercial applications, such as ferries and workboats, yachts, trains, and heavy vehicles, some of the best sellers are the engines of the 2000 series (300 to 1,500 kW) and 4000 series (from 700 to 3,500 kW).

These units are very powerful, economic, clean and durable. One of the main technological characteristics behind the success of these series is the electronic control of the common rail of the injection system, introduced in the 4000 series and turning it into the first diesel engine in its class to be fitted with the Common Rail injection system.

The injection system was developed jointly with L’Orange GmbH, one of the main manufacturers of injection systems for large diesel engines. The 2000 Common Rail Series for high-speed yachts, ferries, and patrol boats is also the most modern in its class.

For the on-board range of the 2000 series, the company is currently developing its new 1600 series. This unit is mainly designed for agriculture, trains, and construction and industrial applications. At the higher end of the power range is the 8000 series, which has also set new standards in its class. Delivering 9,000 kW, the 20V8000 is the most modern and technically innovative engine in its class.

In the defense sector, MTU engines of the 880 series have secured its indisputable leading position for many years. The new 890 Series units (400 to 1,100 kW), introduced for the first time in 2003, were specifically developed for light and armored vehicles, which can be air-lifted, and these engines have supported the predominance of the company. Because of its performance, these units have half the size of other engines, if compared to diesel engines.

Client guidance: Full technical knowledge of the systems, tailor-made solutions.

Besides the diesel engines, the products of the company include complete systems
and plants that can be adapted to the individual needs of the client. As the main contractor, for instance, MTU is capable of providing complete marine propulsion systems, including all the peripherals and traction units for wagons and locomotives.

Always one step ahead: Key technologies for powerful, economic, and clean units.

The technological leadership of our diesel units is greatly due to three key technologies: turbocharging, fuel injection, and electronics.

They are developed and produced at home, to make sure that all components of the equipment are in balance. Consistent development in the fields of turbocharging and fuel injection has allowed the company to continually optimize the performance, emissions, and consumption. Also, the electronic systems of the company make possible the control and supervision of all the configurations, through all propulsion plants of the vessels.

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