Access to MTU’s Technical Documentation is limited due to the highly technical nature of the information. Maintenance and shop documentation is structured based on the qualification levels (QLs). Personnel have to be qualified at the proper level to perform specific tasks. QLs are adapted to MTU’s training courses, and to the capacity shown in terms of the tool kits.

QL1 – Operative control maintenance tasks that can be made while operations are stopped, and do not require the dismantling of the engine or any of its parts.

QL2 – Maintenance procedure that requires changing of subcomponents.

QL3 – Maintenance procedure that requires the partial dismantling of the engine or of its components.

QL4 – Maintenance procedure that requires the complete dismantling and repairing of the engine.

SVF technical manuals can be accessed for download from the Business Portal of the standardized technical documentation, as they have factory certifications based on the QL regulations to perform a particular function. Some of the documents available on the web are:

  • Specifications of Lubricants and Fluids.
  • Sales Conditions and Guarantees.
  • Weights and Removable Spaces.
  • Assembling Instructions.
  • Functional Description.
  • Quick Reference Guides.
  • Updating Instructions.
  • Operative Manuals.
  • Maintenance Manuals.
  • Work Time Guides.
  • Catalogues of Malfunction Codes.
  • Manuals for Installation and Commissioning.
  • Catalogues of Tools.
  • Forms.

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