Mobile Support Unit

MTU sets a standard for all its products and customer support, which is why we offer assistance and service worldwide. If you have an engine or a system at a remote location, we offer mobile MTU Service Units that include a repair shop, a storing facility and an office. This unit can be adjusted to virtually any place to guarantee optimum maintenance and service intervals. You can get the trust and peace of mind for any project, at any work site.

Get the Space You Need for:

  • Adaptation of proper facilities for service work.
  • Storage facility for parts and auxiliaries.
  • Carry out administrative work.


  • Solutions within your reach.
  • Immediate availability.
  • High mobility.
  • Minimum number of interphases with local infrastructure (access, power generation).
  • Presence on site.

Description of the Product

The MTU Service Unit is a combination of two independent units. The exterior dimensions and transportation elements are similar to a standard 40 inch container. They offer 2.5 meters of free space, are easy to transport, and can be configured individually or combined.

The MTU Service Equipment includes: A/C system, diesel generators, hydraulic press, air compressor, drills / milling machines, work benches, table with folda
ble panels, racks for heavy work, desks, and filing cabinets. A wide range of auxiliary equipment is available, such as access ramps, block chain hoisting, lifting devices, and storm and sand protection. Depending on the needs of the client and on local conditions, the auxiliary equipment can be completed, reduced or adapted with the proper accessories.

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